"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful & that will be my life"

Elsie de Wolfe c. 1900s

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Random Facts about

George & Smee:


Sailed around the world (...when she was 3!)
Loves everything coconut
Happiest with sea salt in her hair


Born with a white girls afro
Loves sunshine
Never seen without a 2 litre bottle of water


Both obsessed with mint green, hence the lovely logo.


At George & Smee we have years of experience discovering, collecting and restoring items of furniture from all around the world. Each piece has been handpicked for its history and charm. Every chair, table and prop has an individual story. We believe that in a world of diminishing resources, it’s better to restore and refresh the things we already have than create unnecessary waste.

You can simply hire a few pieces from us or we can style your entire event.  We are bursting with ideas and will work closely with you to create something unforgettably unique. 

There is no look too unusual or too simple for us. Whether it’s classic and minimalist, French rustic and vintage, or outrageously colourful and eclectic, you’ll get our undivided attention. 

 We're here for brides, event planners, designers, stylists, photographers, and anyone looking for something to give their event originality and style. We can create something unique for any event of any size, be it a wedding, a photo shoot, a baby shower or a birthday party.

Both George and Katie have a wealth of experience in the creative and media industries. George’s background is in marketing, fashion and events. She has worked with clients such as Mercedes Benz fashion week, Carla Zampatti and Toyota. Katie’s (Smee) expertise is in TV production and furniture restoration. She has worked on shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model and The Bachelor, and can list Jennifer Hawkins, Alex Perry, Jamie Oliver and Lily Allen among her clients.

Explore our collection to find some inspiration and then get in touch. Together we can help start you on your exciting journey.