Welcome to George & Smee!

Welcome to our new website... We hope you enjoy it and get lost in the world of our eclectic props and furniture. We have a wide selection of items ranging from a pink potty chair (super pretty filled with blooms) to an awesome sink bar, a vintage army stretcher bed... to classic beautiful Bentwood chairs!

For a little background on us and not to bore you, George (left) comes from a background of fashion marketing and events. In her previous role she worked with a number of designers and helped style a VIP dinner and the Star Lounge at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, so she really knows what is needed to create that wow factor in any event or party. She has a keen eye for what's on trend and loves nothing more than getting crafty; she's always surprising her friends with her outrageous ideas! Katie (right, that's Smee) was a Television Producer and has worked on shows such as The Bachelor and Australia's Top Model. She's also an experienced furniture restorer and used to have a very popular stall at Bondi Markets.  She loves sewing, painting and basically anything creative... she's pretty much always seen covered in dust or paint.

So do come and have a look through our collection or simply drop us a line and we can meet to chat through your event or styling needs.

Happy browsing,

George & Smee :)





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