Wedding styling and hire 101: tips and advice from the experts


Can you explain in a few sentences what you do?

We create unforgettable and unique moments with a curated collection of styling pieces that have the magic to transform a space.

We live and breathe weddings.

We’re painters, makers, drivers, dreamers and believers- we make shit happen. Every piece in our collection is full of character and we put together an individual package that we use to design a wedding like no other…. That’s why no two of our events are the same.

We are crazy proud of what we create and are utter perfectionists with every last detail. It’s our job to understand that this is the most important day to our couples. We get it. And the ethos of this importance carries through with each and every job we take on.


What are some of the misconceptions?

It’s not too often that the average person plans their wedding! So it’s totally understandable that couples won’t initially realise what goes into the styling and flowers.

Sometimes a set-up will appear seamless and simple but that’s because we’ve purposely created that look and feel, when in actual fact it could have taken a team of 10+ a day and a half to execute. It can be tough at times and the pressure is astronomical but we love what we do. Both of us just adore our jobs with every inch of our souls.


What are the advantages of hiring a pro & benefits of having a stylist & why is styling important when so many brides believe they can DIY?

The initial appeal of a DIY wedding is undeniable, particularly for many people as an overdue expression of creativity! We would recommend bringing all these incredible creative thoughts to the planning stage and working closely with your stylists but leaving it to the professionals to execute. As cool calm and collected a person you may be, the week of your wedding may be the most stressful of your life and there are a tonne of things that can go wrong last minute. On your wedding day do you really want you or your close friends stressing about candles and chair placement?

We know a thing or two about weddings, we have years of experience and we know what could go wrong and how to handle these situations.

You could use a stylist if you:

·      Don’t want the stress of doing it yourself

·      Don’t want to burden your family and friends

·      Want to be prepared for potential disasters- like rain

·      Don’t want to pack up

·      Want to focus on being gorgeous and loved-up

·      Are stuck for design ideas or have too many ideas

·      Want to see your vision come to life

·      Have no idea where to start

·      Have a difficult venue or location

·      Are given a short bump-in & out time


What are some of the things you do that couples may not realise are part of the job?

There is sooooo much more to our jobs than just making a room look pretty.  From getting up at 4am to go hand-select flowers from the markets to staying up until past midnight to do the pack-down. On weekends we don’t really sleep, which is why our Sundays and Mondays mean everything to us.

We personalise each event so this often means, painting, making and creating new and old things for hours. We also dedicate a lot of time to our quoting and design briefs. It’s essential that we get this perfect, as it’s the brief that guides what gets packed in the truck and the styling on the day.

There are also situations where we have to step in as on the day coordinators when we haven’t really been employed to do so. We make sure the other vendors are across what they’re doing and everything is running smoothly because at the end of the day its important to us that everything is just right for our couple.

After we have packed up an event comes the cleaning. Each and every piece needs to be checked, cleaned and sorted in the warehouse and one of the biggest parts to this is cleaning the candle wax of everything, which takes forever!


Do you bring your own styling pieces or do couples?

We are a really flexible styling company and can cater packages to basically any need. Our couples might completely leave us to style from our collection or we might design a package to suit pieces selected by the couple or provided by a venue.


Do you have different price structures?

Every day we are creating new and unique packages designed to suit a couples taste, look, venue, numbers, etc. so it’s almost impossible for us to have a set price in mind. Instead, we take each of these factors on board and consider this against our couple’s budget and figure out a quote. Each and every package is completely unique to suit the couple, which allows us to always be creative and imaginative and it’s a big part of what we love about G&S. There’s definitely a passion for creating something new and beautiful with each event that we style.


What are some of the things that effect how much your services cost?

There are so many cost considerations that can affect the price of your styling package and its super important to be across these before you book your venue!

Often couples book a venue without realising they’ve signed a contract allowing only a 2 hour bump in time… or their room is only accessible via 3 flights of stairs. Anything is possible when it comes to our packages but these things will influence the quote.

Here are some of our top considerations that might affect your styling quote:

·      Travel required

·      How much furniture and décor is desired

·      If lighting is needed

·      Flowers and hanging greenery (this is a big one)

·      Size of the team needed


·      How long it may take to set up

·      How much time is allowed to set up

·      Site visits

·      Supplier management

·      Bump out procedures


We live
and breathe weddings.


How many hours?

We don’t restrict our couples with contact hours. It’s our job to ensure you have the most beautiful wedding and the amount of time we might spend with a couple completely depends on the scope. No two weddings are the same!


Is it cheaper for couples…?

The possibilities are endless. We can work closely with our couples assisting with sourcing pieces that they purchase and keep or we can completely take the reigns and design it all from our collection. We tend to always be sourcing unique pieces that we have in mind for certain weddings.

It’s also important to realise that the venue can have a lot of influence over the look and feel of your wedding. Some venues are blank canvas and we can completely create our own atmosphere with the right styling but other venues might call for a certain styling look to enhance the existing architectural design.


How labour intensive is your job?

Well let’s just say if you work for us you won’t need a gym membership. We are constantly running around, lifting and carrying things. I think we could create a new work out routine called ‘wedding stylist on a Saturday morning’


 If a couple wants to hire you, what is actually involved?

We have a chat with our lovely couples and get all the nitty gritty details, a sense of the look and feel and the budget and then comes the fun part. We design a creative brief to suit and curate the perfect pieces from our collections and turn it into a bit of an explanation of what their wedding is going to look like. From here we can recommend and liaise with other vendors to help complete the picture. On the day we take care of the whole thing. It’s our job to make sure the venue looks as beautiful as possible down to every last detail. Then we pack it all up!


Wedding planning tips?

·      If there is a particular vendor you want to work with ask them to recommend other suppliers you might need

·      Don’t book a venue without being across how it could effect your vendors

·      Always have a plan b in case of rain

·      Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to organising your ideas

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