Want to get ahead of the style game in 2018? Lets do this...


Where is table design headed in 2018?

  • Using interesting floral structural shapes and designs in the centre of tables

  • Mix of a modern, fresh look with industrial – using metallic combined with clean whites and neutrals; matte with iridescence

  • A mix of high and low floral arrangements on the tables as well as using a mix of fabrics and natural raw materials

  • Floating flower garlands and individually hanging floral heads

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Ref: Leigh and Mitchell

What linen trends will we see in 2018?

  • Layering different textural fabrics - heavy velvets alongside light cottons and natural linen

  • Denim washes are making a comeback

  • Natural timber is still going to be popular though, meaning linens aren’t always necessary

  • Grey linens will stay popular throughout the year especially with pastel floral paletters


What lighting trends will we see in 2018?

  • Fairy lights & festoons lights will always be popular but with high tech lighting becoming more affordable, some more creative options are possible.

  • Visual art displays could become very popular

  • Drop pendant lights are becoming more popular than festoons so this look especially in clear marques will be strong


What will carry over from 2017 into 2018?

  • Greenery played a huge role in 2017 (being the Pantone colour of the year) and it’s not going anywhere just yet. Hanging greenery, greenery wall installations and table runners will still be popular. Some brides will even choose to have a purely green bouquet… but dried greenery like tropical palms will be making much more of a presence.

  • Blush pink is here to stay but with other similar, deeper shades such as terracotta and dusty pink, as well as metallics – mainly brass and rose gold

  • Long tables opposed to round, have been very popular for a number of years and will still carry over into 2018

  • Creative and extravagant balloon installations made a big feature this year. They will remain for a while but get more creative with larger balloons, mixing in with foliage and props


What are your top decor predictions for 2018?

  • Scandinavian design influences will continue to get stronger in 2018 with all furniture

  • Bamboo and cane lounge furniture is also becoming hugely popular which works really well for cocktail events

  • Dried flowers and foliage will start to make a real appearance – from tropical palms to natives, mixed alongside fresh flowers. These will be used on hanging and wall installations as well as table arrangements

  • Retro babies breath – ditched about 5 years ago – is making a fast comeback

  • Rich velvety colours like dark red and plum will be strong in winter 2018 whereas in Summer you’ll see a lot more neautral colours with cane furniture, white cushions, white vases and florals

  • With awareness growing every day towards world sustainability, people will be more conscious of wastage – using seasonal & local flowers, actual plants or trees (that can be planted / reused after the wedding and not thrown away), and eco friendly materials (paper or bamboo rather than plastic)

  • For those that don’t want to go down the metallic route, there will be a much more neutral toned palette with a beautiful but elegant simplicity

  • People are gravitating towards a more personal approach – engaging local artisans making handcrafted, bespoke designs for their weddings


Wedding & Events Themes

Jimmy Raper, Our styling

What are the top wedding themes for 2018?

  • Weddings are becoming more intimate and personal with smaller guest numbers. The theme is catered precisely for the couple involved which makes it totally unique to them – e.g. getting a mariachi band because they met in Mexico, asking each guest to bring a flower stem to form the bouquet or using granny’s recipe for the wedding cake

  • Wedding receptions are more about having a garden party – they is less steered towards tradition and formalities, and more towards a fun celebration, think beautiful rugs galore with cushions for chilling out on and low tables with food trucks or BBQ stands, all with an abundance of lanterns and festoon lighting.

  • Floral colour palettes are either all rich dark colours or all neutral and light, not co colourful and mixed anymore

  • Ceremonies are starting to be held in the evening – this can look so magical with hundreds of candles


Which 2017 themes do you think will carry over into 2018?

  • Wedding and events locations are getting more and more unique. In the last couple of years we’ve seen weddings and events move away from traditional city venues to rustic sheep shearing barns or brewing sheds. In 2018 weddings and events are set to go even further afield to untouched unique sites – on top of a mountain with unrivalled views, inside a large cave or inside a stunning tropical rainforest. Immediately these become an immersive experience and the most memorable occasion.

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What are the biggest themes in the luxury market?

  • Gorgeous high quality soft furnishings, large ottomans, handmade rugs and beautiful chill out areas are increasingly popular

  • Visual light shows with personalised moving projections beamed onto the venue backdrops are starting to make a big appearance in the luxury market

  • The modern, industrial theme fits perfectly with these clients

  • Innovative large scale installations like florals hanging create a wow factor and gorgeous hanging tropical greenery combined with orchids is a luxurious look that will continue into 2018

  • Large flowing bouquets or one floral type bouquets like all orchids

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