How to charm your friends one table setting at a time. As winter approaches we are all about long dinner parties. Seriously there aren’t many things better than good people, good food and a lot of wine. Naturally we like to take our guests on a little bit of journey and have our table looking stylish. Keep reading for our top five tips on how to create a simple, fresh and budget-friendly table setting perfect for any occasion. Enjoy!


01. Keep it simple
It’s all too easy to go nuts with the table setting. Simple is timeless, clean and beautiful – it will never fail you. Steer clear from cluttering your table with too many items, you want to showcase your incredible food – not hide it.

02. Greenery is your best friend
It’s no secret we love greenery so we kept our tables looking so fresh and so green. Go for some eucalyptus, fern or olive for a beautifully understated, slightly fragrant and easy on your piggy bank result. Simply arrange down the centre by cutting off branches and laying over each over, we added a little ‘dusty’ to ours to create another texture.


3. Opt for natural runners. We love keeping things natural, so we have used muslin for a table runner. Hot tip, you can buy this from any fabric store by the meter! Alternately if you have a nice wooden table put the greenery straight on the table.

4. Candles are always a good idea. They add a warm and elegant touch to the table. Secret tip add scented candles so no one smells you burning the lamb.. it will buy you an extra 5 mintues.

5. Good friends and good wine. This step is by far the best. Invite good people, and treat them with a nice class or five of vino. Enjoy!