Meet the George and Smee team. We are pretty excited to share the brilliant minds behind G&S - they don’t only help this well-oiled machine run but bring life to creative ideas and projects everyday. 

What do you do at George & Smee? I am one of the co-founder's so cover off a bit of everything... from managing staff, quoting, prepping for events, creative proposals, meetings with clients and B&Gs, the days are always different, but I tend to look after more of the corporate jobs/side of the company.

Tea or coffee? Coffee, a piccolo is my drink of choice now as the girls always catch me leaving half-full cups of coffee in the van ;) 

What’s your weekend ritual? I have a 21 month old little girl so it usually starts with a bang at 6am on Sat and her wanting to play, dance around the house... then we'll go out for a walk, I may run off to boot camp for an hr (JP and I alternate days) then beach time and breakie as a family. I often have to leave to go bump in an event so its daddy daycare, but we always make sure to have one weekend family meal together and if we can we love going to Bondi markets, grabbing our veggies, a chai and playing with Amber in the park there.

If you weren’t living in Sydney where would you live? It may sound cliche but Byron Bay, it's our happy place (as well as half the worlds no doubt!) and we always feel we can completely relax and unwind there. Maybe one day we'll start G&S in Byron too!

What the best choice you’ve made in life so far? Moving here to Oz, it really has been the land of opportunity and setting up G&S means I get to do what I love each day... even with all the hard graft its worth it for the fun and creativeness! Plus I love the outdoors so couldn't deal with the long cold winters that the UK has. 

What’s your favorite styling tool? Cable ties ;) Where would us stylists be without them!? 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your little family? Explore, I love to go for walks and explore new beaches, nature paths etc and now Amber is walking we can do this a lot more, which is fun! 

What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about being a working mumma?Challenging, the constant juggle of all and the 1 million things I need to think about now. Also feeling guilty when I'm at work and not with Amber or when I'm with Amber and not at work feeling guilty to work, its a constant but I'm learning to get better at dealing with this.

Rewarding, knowing I'm building a brilliant business with Smee and the team ...and a creative environment that one day if Amber plays her cards right and works hard ;) she could also be a part of it and surrounded by beautiful props and flowers daily!