Meet the George and Smee team. We are pretty excited to share the brilliant minds behind G&S - they don’t only help this well-oiled machine run but bring life to creative ideas and projects everyday. 

What do you do at George & Smee? Heading up the G&S team alongside George.  I do a bit of everything!  My official title is director, head florist and stylist.

How did you start George and Smee? Unlike most advice you get given, we never really had a business plan and we barely knew each other!  When we started we had basically only met once at a hen’s weekend over many wines and discussed our love of being creative. We started off selling furniture at Bondi market.  We’d pick up tables and chairs from the side of the road or from junk yards and restore it in a friends garage.

We quickly realised we wanted to be more involved in the creative styling process rather than just delivering furniture.  We also discovered we love working with flowers and invested in some online courses, and over the last four years have become self-taught florists. We started working with massive clients like facebook & Instagram, Diageo, all the major beauty brands and PR companies as well as working on some pretty incredible weddings.

We had to quit our jobs pretty quickly and do it full time. George had a baby over a year ago and our team continues to grow. We now have five official team members and we’re still struggling to keep up with the demand!

The beauty of not having a business plan meant that we were so flexible – every time an opportunity came along, we gave it a go and have seen what works and what doesn’t.  Our office and floral studio is in Bondi, overlooking the ocean, with a warehouse in Matraville.  Life is pretty good…

Tea or coffee? Coffee.  

What’s your weekend ritual? Well if we don't have a wedding or event, which we usually do... I'll be squeezing in as much surfing, sunshine, food and drink, beach time and friends as I possibly can! 

If you weren’t living in Sydney where would you live? Maybe Byron... But really if you put me near a beach and in the sunshine, I'm pretty happy  

What the best choice you’ve made in life so far? Wow, that's a big call.  I think it's probably a series of small decisions and events throughout my life that have helped me create a pretty awesome life I have going on.  Moving to Australia and starting George & Smee is definitely up there.  I feel so lucky.

What’s your favorite styling tool? Cable ties.  I don't think we could live without them...  But I do want to invent non-plastic/recyclable ones ASAP (most likely an engineer will do this before I get round to it..)

We hear you take the George and Smee van out for sneaky surf trips, where is your favorite place to pull up? Our gorgeous van is called Daisy by the way ;) SO MANY!  This is probably one of my all-time favorite things to do.  Jervis Bay for its unbelievable beauty, Avoca for feeling like you're on holiday but don't have to drive too far,  and Garie Beach and The Farm for epic and stunning surfs.

You’re a Bondi local, any secret tips for good coffee or hidden beach spots? It's difficult to find a secret spot in Bondi! But probably one of the slightly lesser known delicious brekkies is at Chapter One cafe - the hungry chaps is so good. Otherwise Lox Stock for every meal is amazing. And my favorite coffee is Bondi Wholefoods. Taking a few beers up to Ben Buckler and looking over the bay is pretty special too.