Meet the George and Smee team. We are pretty excited to share the brilliant minds behind G&S - they don’t only help this well-oiled machine run but bring life to creative ideas and projects everyday. 

What do you do at George & Smee? I'm an event stylist. I manage events right from conception to on the day installation when the magic happens.

Tea or coffee? Coffee...yum!

What’s your weekend ritual? Try and get a mini lie in but always some sort of exercise first thing whether it's a class at Lean Bean or heading to the beach with my husband for a workout. Post workout always a delicious breakfast (poached eggs, avo, tomato & sourdough) and a large coffee.

If you weren’t living in Sydney where would you live? I've always wanted to live in Switzerland. 

What the best choice you’ve made in life so far? There are a few but by far moving to Sydney after my 2-year stint in London, getting married and changing careers.

What’s your favourite styling tool? Floral cutters - you always need one in your pocket!

We hear that you have a little baby on the way, any secret tips on styling the little one's room?You don't need all the latest and greatest, it can be very expensive. There are also so many DIY options out there. We're keeping it simple and staying neutral and fresh with whites, natural wood and of course greenery!!!

What are you most looking forward to about motherhood? The new adventure that lies ahead. I have no idea what to expect and that's exciting!