We are on a mission, Mission Compostable. We don’t all need to turn Vegan, grow out our armpit hairs and stop buying take away coffee, we just need to band together to do our little bit, what is that saying? Yes ‘many hands make light work’.  We are not claiming to be totally eco-friendly whatsoever, we still use foam when needed and Katie still uses cable ties to fix her overalls. However, where possible, we are all about mission compostable and so should you be!


Plastic wrappings on small bunches:

We all know that a lot of waste occurs when we do a market run and that so many bunches are covered in that pesky soft plastic! 

Going to local growers is a great way to avoid some of the unwanted waste, as they often tie their bunches with a re-useable elastic band. It is possible to ask your beloved traders to keep the plastic off where possible.

There are also REDcycle collection bins at participating supermarkets, which take all soft plastics - previously thought to be non-recyclable.

Floral Foam:

Something we all know and love, but also one of the worst offenders environmentally speaking. There are however a few creative ways around this:

Reusable chicken wire scrunched within urns, or wall frames and hanging structures to create all sorts of shapes that can support a variety of designs. Chicken wire is such handy thing to have with you for an event, as it creates an instant structure for you to create all sorts of last minute dynamic floral designs!

'Floating' vessels of water from small pots to large buckets on scaffolding that Philippa Craddock used to made Meghan Markle and Price Harry's grand church entrance. 

Our personal favourite - half a watermelon! Brings colour, sweetness and creates such a different vibe. See our images for inspiration!


Cable Ties:

Probably the handiest thing in our toolkit but this one-use-wonder creates vast amounts of plastic that goes straight in the bin.

Twine is a great compostable option to tie stems together and branches and on to structures, it is also very neutral in colour so hides well.

 Velcro - these handy re-useable straps are lightweight and can be used again and again, they can also hold strong weights if large pieces are used. Let's say no to single use plastic.

Shop Local:

Much like when buying our food, shopping local and seasonal when choosing the flowers we use can have a huge impact on the environment. By choosing local growers, not only does it cut huge emissions from transport, they will also be fresher & last a lot longer! 

Repurposing your blooms:

Quite often we spend hours creating beautiful arrangements only to throw it all away at the end of the event.

Composting is a great way to reduce this waste going into landfill and is, of course, all biodegradable.

We often work with a company called Perpetual Blooms who turn all leftover event flowers into gifts for charities like nursing homes and homeless shelters, and when they come to the end of their life they are all composted, check them out.

Keep (me oh so happy) Cups:

We said 5 tips but we will throw this one in for free. We have a weekly debate in our office about take away cups. The G&S girls LOVE ourselves some coffee especially at happy hour $2.5 for liquid gold… what a time to be alive. 

The problem is some keep me cups are just not right, they are hard to clean, the hole is too small etc etc. We have found a solution, introducing Huskee (link) - it is a wonder to drink from and also very chic / modern they are only $17, and made from coffee husks. 

Now this blog post truly has changed your life.  You’re welcome.